Advantages Of Light Gauge Steel Frame

The Light Gauge Steel Framing system is a complete kit featuring a Weather Defence external sheathing board, a Frameboard, and internal plasterboard. It is a cost-effective, durable and versatile solution that offers fast built times and sustainability in every build—widely accepted as a factory produced and offsite engineered solution to commercial buildings

High Strength To Weight Ratio

Reducing total load by up to 60%, compared to alternative building materials, such as concrete frames enabling easier delivery and quicker installation onsite, saving costs. The lightweight structure, in turn providing relative savings on foundation loads and sizes. Suitable for construction on brownfield sites or pre-existing buildings.

Winter Builds

Panelised factory assembled products are not weather dependent and combined with fast installing products such as a Weather Defence means External Sheathing the site can be made weathertight earlier, allowing follow on trades to commence.

Future Proof And Future Ready

As an advanced high-performance offsite solution, steel is a robust, rigid and dimensionally stable material that does not suffer from shrinkage, warping and movement created by moisture-related issues.


Precision engineered offsite panels reduce waste during manufacture, site labour costs, project cycle time, and improves the quality with external boards factory fitted.

Fast Completion & Budget Savings

Light gauge steel’s shorter construction cycle means equipment can move on and off site more quickly, lowering crane and scaffold costs and site prelims and labour costs.


Steel is a totally recyclable material offering 0% material waste. Sustainability of a build is achieved by reducing site waste and the cost of dealing with the site waste.

Shorter Project Programmes

Shorter construction time reduces financing costs and shortens the period of construction liability. On larger schemes you could shave months from programmes compared to concrete builds.